Ethan Gallogly “SMC is an impressive place. The new Science Complex—with all its multimedia—is as good a lab and teaching facility as you could want.”

“I share in the opinion of a lot of my students, who are amazed at the quality of teachers at SMC,” says Ethan Gallogly, who just arrived at the college after 3-1/2 years of teaching at UC Berkeley. “It’s impressive to find so many PhDs who come from research backgrounds, but who also have such strong teaching skills and enthusiasm, and who really love it here.” As Pasteur said: ‘Chance favors the prepared mind.’ And ‘Dr Ethan’—as he likes to be called—went through some unusual ‘preparation’ on the way to getting his PhD in cross-molecular beam dynamics.

“I’m fluent in speaking Mandarin Chinese,” says Ethan, who has taught scientific English, literature, and computer skills in several Mainland China cities. “I had studied Chinese philosophy and literature, and basically decided that I couldn’t trust translations,” he says. “So to read the classical literature, I began taking classes and soon discovered that it would take many years before I could truly claim to read. But I found that learning a language is one of the most rewarding things you can do,” he continues. “And it’s a huge benefit to my teaching because you really question your basic assumptions – how you think and learn – when you study a language.”

Ethan says he’s currently “developing some exciting new demonstrations that the Chemistry faculty and I can use. And I’m also teaching the Human Development 20 class for science and math students. You need to develop study skills in science that will keep you up to speed and not wasting any time,” he says. “In science, it’s procrastination that kills you.”

SMC Chemistry Professor Ethan Gallogly began full-time at SMC in Fall ’99. Welcome!

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