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Faheem Ali

“Courage will serve you well at SMC. Your grades will only take you so far. But meeting new people—networking—will help you to truly succeed.”

There’s an enormous amount of continuity at SMC that many people just take for granted. “My astronomy professor is Gary Fouts. My girlfriend’s dad went to SMC 25 years ago, and Professor Fouts was teaching here even then. Without him,” says Faheem Ali, “I don’t think that I’d be doing any of the incredible things that I’m involved in now. I actually became his TA, and because of that, I just sort of segued into my position as AS Director of Instructional and Technological Support.”

Faheem is your ‘go to guy’ with whatever tech problems you may be having in the digital world. “Anything tech-related, I can help you with. If your laptop settings are just a bit off, I can fix the problems. So talk to me!” says Faheem. “And I’m also in charge of Cayton Center, and I liaise with our Library. In fact, I just got through a proposal of mine in the AS to give the Library $10,000 to buy new textbooks, because there is such a shortage of them.” Though he’s helped SMC to expand its offering of the printed word, Faheem’s eyes are always meandering to the cosmos.

“They’re flying me in the next few weeks to Alabama—to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center—where we’re going to build a small ‘rover’ vehicle for extraterrestrial use and stuff like that. Ultimately,” adds Faheem, “I want to have my two degrees—in Science and in Business—so I can help corporations explore other worlds. But also to help them make good financial decisions.”

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