Science & Solar Energy

Francisco Carpio

“I’ve done online classes, night classes, and day classes at SMC, and I’ve found that they all offer superior knowledge and quality of teaching.”

For Francisco Carpio, SMC has been nothing short of a ‘love affair.’ “I love the curriculums, I love the staff, and I love the spirit and essence of the campus. I just find that almost all the people here are genuinely kind.” Francisco reports feeling extremely fulfilled in the time he spends at SMC. “I believe that being a student is truly a lifelong thing. Once you make the commitment, you’re someone who wants to learn, to achieve things, and who is thirsty for knowledge. I think that the more you learn, the more you actually need to learn.”

In a bad economy, Francisco managed to turn adversity into opportunity. “I worked several years—at a very young age—for a top video game publisher. But then, jobs started getting outsourced, and I had to make a decision. Was I going to work at some dead-end job, or was I going to better myself? I’d found myself feeling complacent anyway, so leaving the place I was in was a sort of blessing, if you will. So now I’m in an environment where I’m constantly challenged, learning, and growing.”

It’s now Francisco’s stated goal to “develop my passion for solar energy, to better society and to better the planet. I want to provide innovative and sustainable energy, not only to America, but also to the world.” Energy is clearly in Francisco’s future. But it’s also his current SMC reality. “Every class I’ve had here has been taught with clear goals in mind, no matter the teacher or what time of day it is. And I feel like I’ve learned more over my past two years here than I have over my entire lifetime, thus far.”

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