Ginnichris Pinckert “There are so many great programs that come out of SMC that it’s like a really prestigious school. And it’s cheap!”

Ginnichris Pinckert was ‘discovered’ in a Venice Beach hotel where her boyfriend’s dad and friends were visiting from Iowa. This may explain the somewhat ‘dramatic’ lighting of this photo. And she explained her unique moniker in this way. “I was formally named after both of my grandmothers, because my parents didn’t want to hurt either one’s feelings. But now I’m just Ginnichris!” she says with a great laugh. “The only people who know me by my formal name are in the IRS!”

Ginnichris’ arrival at SMC was definitely via a circuitous route. “I was in a tiny, four-year liberal arts college in Santa Fe, where we studied the Great Books. But it was so completely homogeneous! Not only was everyone there white, but it was very ‘Ivory Tower’ in the mentality, and students weren’t at all interested in what anyone not going to the school had to say. And that’s just weird and sad, because the entire learning process should revolve around gaining diverse opinions. And that’s something that is rightfully exalted at SMC. After my university experience,” she continues, “I didn’t want to feel like I was going back to the immaturity of high school. But at this college, I’m surrounded by a lot of very adult and motivated people.”

It’s the plan of Ginnichris to “become an academic and somehow end up in the world of professorships. I made myself a promise to end up with multiple Master’s degrees and at least two PhDs. And I’m also intrigued by the study of law, because I work in a firm now, basically as a ‘slave,’ ” she says, laughing hugely. “But you know what? I’m going to be very happy to get back into studying, making notes, highlighting texts, and feeling that pressure when the exams come up. The key to learning,” she adds, “is to learn the system, as well as what you get in the classroom. I’m pretty sure that what I learn at SMC will pretty quickly enable me to jump over to USC.”

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