SMC Staff

Greg Brown “We’re very conscious of being a first-class operation and we’re always looking at the newest technology. “

Greg Brown was a student at SMC “around ’72-’73 And in one way or another I’ve been working here ever since.” As the then commissioner of student events, he produced a great number of campus concerts and programs.

“I was always interested in the theatrical side of things,” says Greg. “I enjoyed working with the sound and lighting systems, the rock concerts and the live stage shows.”

The Media Center that Greg now runs for SMC is a modem energy center: a cross between a city news desk, a TV studio and a production house. Media professionals and students work in concert on a vast number of projects.

“We try to put together programs here,” says Greg, “that benefit the faculty and students.” But student projects are foremost in importance. “Students that work here are given every opportunity to use all the equipment and to experiment. They end up with a very good experience of all the studio procedures,” he says.

“I really enjoy showcasing the College to the community,” adds Greg. He’s particularly proud of producing SMC’s Grand Summer Nights concerts with such stars as Dizzy Gillespie. “It’s hard to top putting on a show for 15,000 people.”

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