Greg Roy

“Get involved in as many workshops and clubs as you can. You’re gonna meet a lot of like-minded people who will help you find your way.”

Greg Roy was in his first SMC semester, and reported that it all felt good. “It’s a really nice campus, and all the people—like professors, staff, and other students—make me feel like I’m welcome here. And just now I’m in a Physics class that I’m completely enjoying. My professor is Emin Menachekanian. And he gives us solid instruction in how to use the great lab equipment in the Science building. But he’s also very humorous, and he cares deeply about us understanding his material. Plus, he’s always there for us after class to answer any questions we might have. He’s just an instructor who really cares.”

Greg makes the long commute to SMC from his home in Redondo Beach for very succinct reasons. “I love the diversity of this college and the fact that there are so many international students here. I mean, everybody is making a lot of effort to get to SMC, but it really pays off because you get surrounded by a lot of high-quality people. SMC’s a very close-knit sort of place, and guarantees that you’ll always feel pretty well connected and not alone.”

Greg adds, “Among all the resources I’ve used at SMC, the ones I’ve made the most use of are the Counseling services and the Library. Counseling will really keep you on track, and I urge people to take every advantage of that. And the SMC Library is an amazing place, full of resources and very helpful people. I always find some stimulation there to build whatever I’m going to build in the future. Or something I haven’t even imagined yet.”

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