SMC Alumnus/Contractor

Hector Henriquez

“The teachers here are ‘guides’ because they’ve done it, and they’re taking time out of their schedule to teach at night. That’s a complete balance.”

Back in 2004, when Hector Henriquez was first profiled, he was jamming on his studies like crazy. In night school and working full time. And when last seen, he was still hitting the books hard. In essence, not much has changed with Hector. And yet everything has. “A trade is a gift you can give to people. Some people you can affect on a global or national scale, and others just at the community level. Just now,” Hector continues, “I’ve been studying very intensely to take my journeyman plumber’s exam. And I think I’ll do very well at it, because I believe that we’re created to grow through learning. The cycle just always keeps going. And for me, leadership is an incredibly valuable skill to have. I know that if I’m given the responsibility to help any individual or entrepreneur or boss, I’m confident I can get the task accomplished.”

With a young wife and newborn son now part of his family, Hector reflects back on his times at SMC. “I had one teacher who used to work for Disney and could speak from her deep experience. And I had another one who had his own business and actually taught his classes at that business. These are really dedicated and serious people who speak from their own experiences and teach the next generations how to grow and thrive. And the SMC students, themselves, are as helpful as the teachers, because they support each other in every way.”

When asked if he might ever consider coming back into the SMC fold, Hector responds, “I might just go to study some Astronomy. It’s a field with infinite possibilities for exploring. Or I may have to send my kids there to study it for me,” he says with a laugh. “But growing and learning are what make our universe work.”

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