Hua Diao

“I could have gone directly to UC Santa Barbara, but it feels like a party city up there. And studying is very important to me. So, I chose to come to SMC.”

“SMC has helped me in so many ways I can’t tell you,” said Hua Diao in excellent English. “Because, like, my English improved so much when I got really involved with the campus through working with the AS. And that gave me the opportunity to build up all kinds of skills in leadership and communication. So, yeah. I love SMC!”

Hua’s family lives in Canton, where she became fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese. And she’ll soon be equally fluent in English. “We are, basically, very much a ‘business family,’ and my parents wanted me to become independent. So I decided to study abroad, and came to America because opportunities are so much better here for my future career. And I know that business will always be strong between America and China. So, I decided to come here to learn all I can about the language and the culture. When I first got here,” Hua says, “I wasn’t so sure about making a business career. But now I feel that I’m a very sociable person, and that I’m good at working with human resources and understanding what motivates people. So now I have a very strong interest in business marketing.”

Hua came to SMC and fearlessly got into the election process of becoming an AS officer. “In China, we don’t have anything like elections, but in America, it’s all about politics and freedom of speech. We can’t complain about our government, you know? But here you can. And what I hope to do is to be a liaison between these two countries, to keep their business and understanding of each other healthy and positive.”

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