Business/AS Director of Budget Management

Inayat Issa

“In high school, I didn’t do so well. But when I got to SMC, it was a reality check. It gave me a second chance to be successful.”

He might be all about business, but Inayat Issa is not one to look askance at the sometimes surprising opportunities SMC offers. “I had a Psychology 1 class with Alex Schwartz where we had amazing discussions about evolution and the human condition. We covered a lot of conflicting views, and he just opened my eyes to a lot of ideas and ideologies that I’d never given much thought to. It was just a great educational ‘conversation’ between us.”

But Inayat is, by nature, a businessman. So it’s not at all surprising that he’s ended up in his AS financial role. “As Director of Budget Management, I’m well aware of the workload that needs to be accomplished. I love this position, I love the AS, and I love the campus. And getting involved in whatever way you can means building connections with other students, learning their points of view, and sharing ideas with others who have similar interests. Plus,” Inayat adds, “you get to interact directly with the amazing professors we have here. They’re incredibly passionate about what they do, and they really want their students to succeed in their classes.”

Inayat is also Treasurer for Phi Theta Kappa. That money thing just keeps popping up in his life. “Yeah, I guess I’ll always get pegged as the ‘money guy,’ “ says Inayat with a laugh. “But it’s my father who actually inspired this direction for me. He had his own business for 25 years, and he has just shaped my own passions in this arena. And when I transfer next year to USC or UC Berkeley, I know I’ll continue to be learning from my father’s example.”

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