Organic Chemistry

Janae Franklin “People in Admissions at USC told me, ‘We take a lot of students from SMC, and since you don’t want to start all over again, SMC is a great option for you.”

“From day one, when I started at the Black Collegians program, Ms. Sherri Bradford has been my rock!” says Janae Franklin of a friendship that has enormously shaped her life. “She knew that I was a working student, so she helped me to get into the program. She’ll do anything to help out SMC students, and she’s really like a mom. But she also gets on me like a mom,” says Janae with a laugh. “She’ll tell me, ‘Wake up! You’ve got to do this thing right!’ She’s just an awesome, awesome counselor at SMC.”

Janae came from Missouri “to get into fashion school. But when I tried to apply to USC in Journalism, I was told that my credits weren’t worth anything.“ Enter, SMC.... “I’ve had so many opportunities here that I’d never have at any other junior college. The resources are amazing! The Black Collegians have helped me with many scholarships, and to be a better student as well. And I can guarantee you,” she continues, “that every semester there’s gonna be at least one workshop that’ll help you get ahead of all the other students who are trying to transfer. SMC people are really here to help get you out and on to a successful future.”

Janae was currently at work on a Corsair story about how the AS works. “They were taking up the issue of how people can’t afford the books they need, and how those books could be made available. I learned a lot through writing this story.” But it’s Hollywood—and not newsrooms—where Janae plans to make her mark. “I’d like to own my own PR and events planning company. I know it’s weird!” she says laughing heartily. “But I’ve always just loved all the Hollywood glitz and knowing about what all the stars are doing. Who knows? Might even become one myself!”

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