AS Director of Student Outreach

Janelle Tucker “Sherri Bradford in the Black Collegians program is brilliant. She makes sure we’re on time with our work, and she has always helped me to get scholarships.”

“The Black Collegians is an excellent program on campus. And it’s not just geared towards African American students,” says Janelle Tucker. “But it is a great support system for those who get involved, and it becomes a sort of ‘home away from home.’ And it’s always good to be around other competitive people who keep pushing you to do the right things.” But ethnocentric Janelle is definitely not.

“I’m also with the Latino Student Union, and with ALAS as well. I think it’s a good idea for everybody at SMC to broaden out a little bit and see what other cultures are all about. And we sure have a lot of cultures!” she says with a laugh. If all goes according to plan, Janelle says, “I want to transfer into a Business program, maybe at Florida A&M. And then I want to get into management, working in the hotel and hospitality industry.” And if there were ever someone born to ‘meet and greet,’ it would have to be Janelle.

“I love what I do as Director of Student Outreach for the AS,” she says. “I put on evening events on the main campus, but I also work with our satellite campuses. I do a movie night every Thursday, and then I do Twilight Tuesdays, and that’s a blast. This guy named Jeremy Weinglass just won an Instrumentalist of the Year award, and we got him to come play for us.” A born promoter, Janelle urges students at SMC to promote their own success by getting involved. “Join up with the AS!” she says. “You’ll make a lot of great friends and meet scholarly people who’ll make sure you’re going in the right directions. With the right information.”

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