Theatre Arts

Jasmine Tillett “I chose SMC because—aside from the fact that it’s beautiful—you have more opportunities to learn here than at any other school.”

She just graduated from high school and was in her first week at SMC. And after talking with her for about 30 seconds, you know one thing for certain about her: She loves to laugh. “I’ve only been here for one crazy week!” she shouts while busting out in her trademark chuckles. “I thought I was gonna feel really intimidated, but I’m not, because it’s a very welcoming place. It’s a…” and she pauses while searching for precisely the right words, “It’s a beautiful… stimulating… working… environment.”

It’s Jasmine’s plan to get a few of those pesky English classes under her belt while working, commuting from Hawthorne, and going to night school. “And then I’m going into Theatre Arts, because I’ve been performing ever since I was little. Mom calls me her little ‘entertainment unit’ ” she says while collapsing into giggles. “But seriously, folks. I want to be a singer and an actor and a dancer. And I think I can do it all, because I’ve been mentored by a lot of professionals, and they’ve all told me to go for it.”

Jasmine already has formed a very strong opinion about what her SMC experience has been thus far. “There’s just one word to describe it: Tremendous! I’ve been to a great counselor here, and she’s given me everything I need—aside from money!—to keep me on track. And going to night classes is excellent, because that’s the only time I’ve got. I mean, an education is an education, no matter what time of day it is.” Jasmine also reports, “My family is behind me 500% and wants me to be a director, because I’m always analyzing what works in drama.” Citing Halle Berry as one of her role models, Jasmine states emphatically, “Ten years from now I’m going to be doing big, BIG (!) movies. And I’m talking giNORMous here!” And then… she laughs right out loud.

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