Astronomy / Arts

Jason Pestana

“Being a student just means becoming a better person. I like to further my knowledge so I can relate better with all sorts of people.”

“I just got an A+ on our Earth Astronomy test!” said Jason Pestana with genuine excitement. “My teacher is Gary Fouts, and he’s so into his subject that it’s always fascinating. He just gets really excited about the universe, and he’s funny! But you can tell that he really knows what he’s talking about. He’s a very ‘Big Picture’ kind of a guy.”

Jason reports that astronomy has been a complete surprise for him. “I’ve never really been into the Sciences, so this has been a major change for me. And I’m actually thinking of looking much more into this field. But in my two semesters so far,” he adds, “I’ve mostly taken classes in the Arts, because that just comes naturally to me.” And Jason has seen a lot of other very positive changes in himself during his time at SMC. “I wasn’t always a good student,” he admits. “But now I’m improving myself in a lot of ways. And my mom’s really happy that I’m in school. She always told me that it’s better to be learning new things than be working at some dead-end job.” For Jason, SMC became a new horizon through a sort of a ‘family affair.’

“Yeah, my brother went to SMC, and he told me a lot of great things about the College. And they were all true! It’s like you have all these opportunities here that help you fit studying in with all the rest of your life. And I feel I’ve made really good use of the Financial Aid and Counseling offices. Both of them are very helpful. And I even took a creative writing class here in night school,” he adds. “Sure, sometimes I’d get a little tired at the end of a long day. But it was waaay worth it.”

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