Jayme Stewart “Law school is definitely in my future. I like arguing. And I also like winning.”

Jayme Stewart is finally adjusting to the cold weather in Southern California. “I just moved here from Hawaii where it’s lots of fun, very expensive, and definitely warmer,” she explains. “I got here pretty late, so it’s been kind of a scramble to get everything organized. But if I can get through this first semester, I think I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something.”

As a working woman who is putting herself through school, Jayme reports that finances are a big concern to her. “I’m taking business classes, volleyball, human development, and weight training, all while waitressing full time. But I did manage to get financial aid and that’s taken a lot of strain off.” She says that SMC seems to have a program of some sort to help almost anyone. “One of my assignments has been to investigate all the resources offered here,” she says. “There are computer labs, EOP&S, tutoring, grants, and the Women’s Center, just to name a few. But people have to be willing to look, to go out and do some digging, for the kind of help they need. But SMC has support for anyone that really wants to make the effort.”

As an athlete who plays soccer, softball and volleyball, Jayme—who calls herself “basically an all-around jock”—has little trouble staying in shape. “But the athletic side of me is just one part,” she says. “If I can be as disciplined in education as I have been with the sports I play, I think law school will come pretty easily. And ten years from now I should be working in a courtroom. And maybe have a little time for volleyball on the side.”

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