Jeana Cortrite “I like how the counselors work with you here at SMC. At my first appointment, they worked out my entire schedule for the next two years.”

Moving here from West Virginia, Jeana Cortrite was enthusiastically entering her second year at SMC. “One of the reasons I’m here is that my dad used to teach here. But it’s really because it’s such a great school, and I’ve heard that from everyone.” Studying in the Sciences, Jeana has her sights set on joining the vaunted Nursing program.

“I’ve wanted to be a nurse since the 9th grade because I just really like helping people,” she says. “Plus, there’s a lot of security in being a nurse. I want to be a Registered Nurse (RN) and end up being a Nurse Anesthesiologist. And that’s gonna be a lot of school!” she says with a laugh. “First I’ll get my Associate’s degree from SMC. Then I’ll work in nursing for maybe a year to get into it. But then I’ll be right back in school—hopefully at UCLA—to get my Bachelor’s and Master’s.” But though science and medicine are her bailiwick, Jeana reports being challenged in other SMC classrooms as well.

“I had Professor Brooks for English, and he was outstanding,” says Jeana. “He’s really thorough, and we have to write a piece in every single class period, and then read it right up front. He’s helped to make my writing skills a lot better because of all that practice. And my level of shyness has gone down because I have to stand in front of everyone and read. I like his techniques a lot,” says Jeana, “and I’d recommend him—and SMC—to anyone.”

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