​​Computers/Associated Students Vice President

Jeff Jensen “SMC has been absolutely terrific on so many levels. It’s given me the opportunity to get into universities that would have been waaaay out of my league before I got here.”

“Dr. Peter Morse. He’s the guy. Physics, electricity, and magnetism. His lectures were just exemplary,” says Jeff Jensen about one particular SMC instructor in the Science Department. “He has such thorough knowledge of his material that you never see him with a book or notes. And you’d never think that—when you see the Hawaiian shirts and the long hair, and hear the Australian accent—that here’s a guy with a PhD in quantum cosmology!” But at SMC, Jeff has experienced any number of such discoveries, including the nature of his true self.​

“This is my last semester here, and I anticipate getting into UC Berkeley, but I won’t find out until May 1st,” he says with barely concealed excitement. “I’d never have had this chance with the grades I had in high school. But I spent my first year here just learning how to be a student, and now, because of my grades and involvement at SMC, I think that my chances of making it into Berkeley are very good.”

It’s taken Jeff three years—none of which he regrets—to make his way out of the SMC ‘nest.’ “I switched majors from Computer Science to Computer Engineering, so it took a little more time,” he explains. “But I’ve been able to take a lot of night and online classes here to fit in with my work and AS schedule, so I’ve been able to make it all work together. And I’ve found that in my AS involvement, I’ve really developed a feeling of community and being engaged in campus life. It’s been invaluable to me,” he adds.

“I’ve learned so much about scholarships, counselors, and the entire system. In fact,” he says with a laugh, “I plan on being a future alumni donor to SMC. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they named the Math department after me? Of course that would require a really BIG endowment!”

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