Jeremy Meyer “I went to Fairfax High, and they call SMC ‘Fairfax West.’ Everybody from Fairfax comes here, so I thought, ‘Why not me?’ ”

He may have joined the migratory flock from Fairfax to SMC, but generally, Jeremy Meyer’s travel patterns have been a bit more eclectic. “My family comes from Norway, and we moved to Marbella, Spain. I went to a boarding school in Cadiz,” says the international traveler, “and now I’m an American citizen.” But Jeremy’s footloose days may be over for a while, as he’s grown some pretty strong roots at SMC’s Academy of Entertainment & Technology.

“I was taking Computer Science 5 when I met a girl who told me about the Gaming Club at the Academy,” recalls Jeremy. “Mr. Javelosa was in charge of it, and when I talked with him, he told me things weren’t going well because the students weren’t serious about it. So I just said, ‘Okay. I’m taking over.’ ” And so I became the president and ‘hired’ my good friend, Des Manttari, as VP.” So now there’s a tight little ‘Mafia’ of future gaming moguls blossoming at the Academy. But Jeremy is certainly not resting on his laurels.

“I’m the CEO of an independent gaming development company that’s actually a division of Des’ company. But I like to think that my company is the heart of it all. That’s where we make the games,” says Jeremy. “So, everything I’m learning at the Academy, I get to put to practical use in building up my own business.” Vision, Jeremy has. But it’s definitely the buttondown kind. “I’m majoring in Computer Programming, with a minor in Animation, and I’m planning on transferring to either USC or UCLA,” he says confidently. “I have a lot of people telling me to get a Master’s in Computer Science, but for me, it’s all about games. That’s just my dream, and every day I’m making it happen.”

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