AS Director of Publicity / Political Science

Jesse A. Ramirez

“Well, I did my research, and I found that SMC is Number One in its transfer rate. Plus, we’re just two miles from the beach!”

He could almost be a poster boy for the US military, in which he served for six years. But instead, he’s a poster boy for recruiting others to SMC. “I’m from out of state—Chicago. So when I first got here, I had no friends or family. Then I started my own club,” said Jesse A. Ramirez, “so I could meet people and extend my network. It was called ‘Dreams Made Reality.’ We went out into the community and reached out with messages about all the resources SMC has to offer. I wanted to show some role models from diverse cultures to inspire others. To let them know that they could get the determination and help to succeed as students.”

And after Jesse’s first club experience, his activism continued to snowball. “Now I’m the Director of AS Publicity, where I have two roles. First, I have the job of serving students at large. But then I also market everything that the AS approves. I put up a lot of publicity to showcase everything we do around the campus. And right now, I’m also upgrading our website, where we have a new ad on it every week. Sometimes it can get a little bit sticky, politically,” Jesse adds with a laugh. “But I’m convinced that what I’m doing has real worth.”

When things go according to Jesse’s plan, his activism is only going to intensify. “My major is Political Science, and I’ll be getting a four-year degree, minimum. Down the road, I hope to be working as a campaign manager for Democrats, and continue to be an advocate for minorities in education. And in general politics, as well. And I’ve discovered at SMC,” he continues, “that involvement is the best way to stay positive and keep your chin up. Especially when things aren’t going your way.”

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