Jessi McFarland “I have to make a long commute that I don’t want to make every day. So, I take a lot of night classes so I can jam a full week’s schedule into just two days.”

When last seen, Jessi McFarland was sitting in the sun and quietly strumming her guitar in the ‘great outdoors’ of SMC’s campus. “The atmosphere of this college is one of its best assets,” says Jessi. “You can just feel comfortable here, and you can take some time for yourself to just be quiet and not get all stressed out.” Lessons on avoiding stress may come in handy when Jessi enters the high-pressure world of the career she’s chosen.

“I’m studying Broadcast Journalism because it’s exciting, and there’s almost nothing ‘routine’ about it,” she says. “I’m actually working in radio now because I’m the treasurer of the Airways Club at SMC. We have a little radio station set up on campus that broadcasts to the cafeteria,” she says. “So we get to do all the work involved in putting on our own radio show. But more than that,” she continues, “we bring a lot of people onto campus from the broadcast world, who can talk about the field and what it takes to succeed in it. And when we go out for tours of radio stations, we get a lot of insight into ‘real world’ issues involved in producing radio.”

Jessi says that “night classes have been almost ideal for me, because they let me get the most out of the time I have to spend in school. I had my Sports Broadcasting teacher, Lou Riggs, in night school, and he was terrific. I’d recommend night classes to anybody,” continues Jessi, “because I think the quality of instruction is equal to anything people will find during the day.”

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