Jessica Goodman

“They never treat you like you’re 14 at SMC. The professors are extremely educated, and they always treat you with courtesy and respect.”

She’s hopped around a lot between colleges—with varying results—and has finally decided to come ‘home’ to SMC. “I’m actually from Valencia, but I’ve always loved the feeling of being in Santa Monica,” says Jessica Goodman in her second year at SMC. “My first year here was kind of a ‘virtual’ one because I did all online classes. But now I’m really at the College, and I think that physically being here—and not just rushing off back home to study—helps me out a lot. I mean, I love being on the campus. It makes me feel energized and serious.”

It’s running the operations of fashion and design where Jessica plans to make her mark. “Just now I’m studying a lot of business. I feel that will help me make more money when I finally get to work. So I want that degree first. Then, with a kind of money background, I can branch out into a lot areas of fashion; maybe into styling or wardrobe consulting. I think I have a good eye for what makes people look good. And maybe I’ll transfer to somewhere on the East Coast to finish up my studies. Or maybe even get into SMC’s Study Abroad Program for a year. I mean,” she continues, “to live and learn in Paris or London is an absolute dream of mine.” But though fashion is her bailiwick, Jessica reports a real passion for one class where she never expected to do well.

“I have an American political science class with Professor Antoine, and she is awesome! I mean, it’s a three-hour class, and I’ve never been able to sit through something like that before. But she just grabs her students’ attention and never lets it get boring. And really understanding American politics—especially in these days—I think is very, very important.”

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