Sociology/Welcome Center

Joana Korsakaite “I major in sociology because I love interacting with people. I learn about why they behave as they do and make the decisions they make in life.”

She started at SMC last fall, and was “hoping to transfer to UC Berkeley, which is my dream school. I’ve been there, and it just feels like home to me,” said Joana Korsakaite. But these days, ‘home’ for Joana is SMC’s Welcome Center, where she greets students and makes them aware of all their options at all the various campuses. “It’s really my favorite place in the whole college, because I’m always meeting new and fascinating people. Plus, almost all of the counselors there are sociologists, so I’m doing a lot of learning on that level, as well.”

Joana and her entire family moved here three years ago from their native Lithuania. “My dad is already an American citizen, and soon I will be one, as well. I do love living in America, because it feels like we have everything. Especially at SMC, where the location—right near the beach—is amazing! I admit that I miss my friends and family back home,” she says. “And the food!” And the longing for ‘home’ is something Joana is keenly aware of in the lives of other international students. “I think they tend to be very quiet and shy when they first come here. So I strongly urge them to get involved and to meet others, because SMC offers incredible opportunities to everyone.”

Of her night class in economics with Professor Carter, Joana reports, “She always finds new ways to make her classes fun. And I had Amber Katherine for philosophy, and she’s amazing! About 95% of our time in her class was spent in discussion. And for someone like me, who is so interested in what motivates people, it was an ideal learning situation.”

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