Academy of Entertainment & Technology

Jon Boggs “Sheila Cordova is fantastic! She’s really nice and extremely patient, which is a great combination for such a complex program as AutoCad. She’s unflappable.”

Jon Boggs is a guy who likes to keep his options open, and that has proven easy to do at SMC. “I spend a lot of my time at AET these days, but I’ve also taken sculpture classes at the main campus and the airport. In fact,” he continues, “I’ve studied at all the SMC campuses.” Jon is equally eclectic in how he approaches learning.

“I’m not planning to go for a degree. I just come to SMC to brush up on the skills I need to be in the workforce,” he says. “Right now, I’m taking Rapid Viz, which is an interior design class. But I’m also studying advanced AutoCad, and I’m making use of it doing work for my cousin, who has a cabinet construction business. And I also work in the Industry,” Jon continues, “so I’m going to be able to use this program when it’s time for a film crew to begin set design. I just want to have a whole lot of skills at the ready, so that when opportunity arises, I’ll be prepared for it.”

Jon states, “I really love it at SMC. It’s a great bunch of campuses, amazing teachers, and the perfect location. And you can’t beat the quality of classes and the price.” But it’s in his AutoCad classes that Jon feels most accomplishment. “Ms. Cordova is a working architect, so she knows about solving real-world problems. So, when I have questions about work, she’s always willing to supply me with answers. She’s just very generous, and completely knowledgeable.”

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