Juanett T. Davis “SMC? It’s a 9.5, and not a perfect 10 only because of budget cuts. Even before I got involved in governance, I loved being a student here.”

If all goes according to plan—and there’s every indication that it will—‘I’m Juanett Davis. And for all of us at NBC News, have a pleasant evening,’ is what you’ll soon be hearing. “Yep. Ten years from now I’ll be doing national or international entertainment news as an anchorwoman somewhere,” she says with her great laugh. “I’ll be transferring on to USC, and then it’ll be on to the world!”

Eloquent, energetic, and photogenic, Juanett would seem to have been born for her chosen field. But the craziness of a newsroom—with its breaking news, ringing phones, and wild events to ride herd on—is something she’s already learning to manage at SMC. “Basically, my job for the AS is to fill the Activity hours from 11:15 to 12:35 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I like to encourage the student clubs to showcase anything they want to do,” she explains. “We’ve got the International Dance Club doing a salsa event, Hillel doing a Jewish celebration, and a Day of the Dead concert in the amphitheater. So it’s all a lot of fun, and I get to do the ‘behind the scenes’ work and help make it all happen.”

In her studies, Juanett reports frequent ‘injections’ of classroom excellence at SMC. “For Communications 10, I had Jackie Horwitz, who—I’m not kidding!—brought a guitar to class and sang women’s political songs to us. It was a blast! And aside from the AS,” she continues, “I’ve also been involved with the Black Collegians – a club and a program, really,” she says. “These are people who are really concerned with matriculating in four-year colleges and in need of motivation to help them get there. And when your advisor is someone who’s already got a Master’s from UCLA, it makes it easier to just say, ‘I can do this too.’ ”

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