Julie Frankel “Some friends of mine don’t even have a goal. So I’m proud that I know what I want and have some clarity in my life.”

She’s lived in some of the world’s great cities: Moscow, London, and now Los Angeles. And she was preparing to leave for San Francisco, if only to see it in the rear-view mirror of her bike. “I’m going on the AIDS Ride in June from San Francisco to LA: seven days on a bike,” says Julie Frankel, who was born in Israel. “I’m in training every day to get ready for it. This is really a terrible disease that we should all be fighting,” she says. “I have friends who are 20 years old, and it’s so sad for me to look at them and know they only have months to live.”

Julie comes to SMC after a whirlwind tour of world cultures. “My dad is in advertising, so we always traveled to new places,” says Julie. “Sometimes it was tough, but I really got a good education because I speak Russian, Yiddish, English and German. It’s good to be able to express yourself in so many languages.”

But Julie’s main mode of expression is through her study of the arts at SMC. “I’d like to be a designer involved in fashion or furniture, and my dream is to have my own studio or gallery,” she says. “I’m applying for a scholarship to Cal Arts and I’m getting a lot of encouragement from my teachers. I’ve found out that SMC is so much more than I expected,” adds Julie. “The teachers here really treat students like their own children. They care about us and really work hard to help us; not just in the classroom, but in our lives as well.”

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