Neonatal Care

Kathleen Villagran“Eleni Hioureas has been an amazing English teacher for me. She teaches us so much about, really, what’s valuable in life.”

“I just love getting to my classes with Eleni!” said Kathleen Villagran with genuine affection. “She combines, in her classes, lessons about good nutrition, good behavior, and also great written and spoken English skills. So it’s almost like getting three or four classes for the price of one!” But for Kathleen, her avowed career path is going to involve many, many more years of study, as she aims to enter Nursing, and medicine in general.

“I really want to go into the neonatal field, because my own family has a real problem with premature births,” she says. “I, myself, was born prematurely, but the doctors and nurses were able to pull me through it. I know that there are many newborns who aren’t as lucky as I was. So I’d like to be there for those infants, to give them every chance of making it through the complicated process of just being born. It’s really just a way of paying back some of the good fortune that I had.” Kathleen adds, “I plan to transfer to either UCLA or Loma Linda University to become a Registered Nurse and get my Bachelor’s degree. I’m very good in the sciences, but I admit that I’m having a few problems in math,” she says with a dark chuckle. “But at the end of the day, I feel that I’m just an average person with a lot of struggles that everyone else has as well. I’m just determined to do my very best.”

Kathleen reports, “I’ve done a lot of very serious growing up at SMC, and it’s all been positive. I drive myself here, I go to work at my job, and I manage all my study time. So I’m not dependent on my parents anymore. But I know that they’re very proud of my direction in life now.”

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