Khashayar Dolat

“A lot of things are different in America, but it wasn’t really a big shock to come here. There are just so many Persian people in Los Angeles!”

Khashayar Dolat would seriously like to set the record straight about his native country, Iran. “Most people have such a negative opinion of Tehran because of the media here. I mean, we all just laugh about it, because it’s 90% lies. You should just search YouTube for my city, and you’ll find that it’s so beautiful, modern, and fun! Compared to my city,” he adds, “LA is just not beautiful at all.”

But Khashayar chose to come to America for very practical reasons. “It’s because there are so many great universities here. And my first choice is to transfer to USC, because they’re the only provider of my major in California: Petroleum Engineering. Back home,” he continues, “there are only two great universities, and they’re like Harvard and MIT. So you can imagine how competitive it is to study at one of them. Getting into USC is going to be a lot simpler for me.” Khashayar had originally planned to go into Architecture. “But after I did some research, I found there’s just no work in that field. And so—because I’m very strong in math and science—I chose Engineering, because I love the physics of it. And I know there will be lots of work waiting for me.”

Unlike many of us, Khashayar finds the study of math pure fun. “I seriously enjoyed my Math 8 class with Mr. Garcia,” he says. “When you listen to a dull lecture for a couple of hours, you just sometimes want to go to sleep. But Mr. Garcia always found a way to make his classes a lot of fun. And because he was always so active and engaging, it made it easy for all of us to stay focused and really enjoy it all.”

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