Kim Tourrette “Take advantage of all the programs offered here—the Women’s Center, the Health Center. And don’t forgot those counselors: They’re here to make sure you succeed.”

Kim Tourrette has been “coming to SMC part-time since 1991. I’ve been going part-time because I work a minimum 40-hour job as a clerical secretary in a hospital, which is why it’s all taking time.” But over the years she’s been studying, she hasn’t lost her enthusiasm for SMC.

“It’s fantastic! I have nothing but raves about this college. When I moved here in 1990 and started working at my hospital, I asked around about collegiate programs to get my RN. And people told me, ‘Well, if you don’t have a lot of money, go to SMC. They probably have the best program in Southern California for nurses.’ So I came over and applied here, and it just blew my mind. I talked with one of the counselors and discovered how well this program is put together. And enthusiasm? The counselors and instructors here just couldn’t be better.” Now working full time and being a full-time nursing student, Kim is a case study—in a poignant way—of the Golden Rule.

“I’ve chosen to be a nurse because I was very ill as a youngster, and spent a lot of time in hospitals where I had wonderful primary care nurses. They always included me thoroughly in my own recovery from congenital heart defects. And it worked! I’m in fine health now, and I just thought that I’d like to be able to deliver the same kind of care to others in need of help.” Kim says that hard work is the backbone of all SMC experience, but adds, “Don’t forget to enjoy yourself, either. You can really have the time of your life here.”

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