Kovy Katzovitz “I was looking around for a reliable transfer college to get me into a university. And SMC has, by far, the best transfer rate to the universities that interest me.”

As the song has it, “Money makes the world go ‘round.” And for Kovy Katzovitz, money—and acquiring it, managing it, and understanding its power and uses—is paramount. “I want to go into corporate finance, business management, or become a stock broker; something along those lines,” he says. “They can all be pretty stressful careers, but that just keeps things interesting. And I think I’ll be successful in whatever I choose to do, because I have a really strong work ethic.”

He was only in his first SMC semester, but had already targeted his choices for transfer. “I want to go to either NYU or the University of Maryland, because I think they’d be a challenge and a healthy change of scenery. But right now, I’m just pleased to be at SMC, because the teachers are very, very good. In fact,” he continues, “I was completely surprised at the quality of the instructors here. They just seem to have a knack for keeping classes interesting, and they present their material in ways that are easy to grasp. Overall, very competent. Like Professor Chan, who I had for Econ 2,” Kovy continues. “He’s extremely funny, but he also knows his stuff, and he makes all of his knowledge really easy to understand. I’d say he is a born entertainer.”

When asked what he thought about the collapse of Goldman Sachs and all the scandals whirling around Wall Street, Kovy grew quite thoughtful. “I think that government should really play a role in regulating these institutions. Some of their policies have worked really well in the past. But they need to be more stringent in how they enforce these policies. And they need to cut interest rates, because that gets people spending, which raises the entire economy,” says Kovy. “All of these money issues are completely interconnected.”

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