Interior Design

Lauren Rivera “The teachers here are really tolerant and fun to be with. They actually make you feel hungry to be in their classrooms.”

Finishing up her third semester at SMC, Lauren Rivera was pumped up about her imminent transfer to Downtown LA’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). But she was even more stoked about the value of her education in terms of how she perceives herself. “A degree is a door-opener for everything. It gives you status. And I want that degree to be listed after my name when I go to meet a client or apply for a job.” But Lauren’s objectives were not always so clear.

“I didn’t come to SMC right out of high school. I just sort of kicked around for about six months. But my mom was really stern with me about the need to go to college. She went to Mount St. Mary’s for four years, and then to USC for two. I mean, she was really driven! So, looking at her, I just decided it was time to get my butt in gear.”

It’s Interior Design that Lauren will be studying at FIDM. “I want to be the general in charge: ‘Tear down that wall! Lower that ceiling!’ Yeah!” she says with a laugh. But when asked about her time spent at SMC, Lauren suddenly gets very quiet and serious. “It’s a very tough school, and it can get very complicated to find your way around, so it’s good to get involved and to really make a study of all the resources. What really helped me was the Math Lab, where you get free tutoring. And in Sociology, we even get tutoring at night! Do everything you can to get to know this college, because it’s all there for you.”

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