Academy of Entertainment & Technology/ Graphic Design

Lidia Gutierrez

“I have a passion for art, graphic design, and advertising. And at the Academy, we learn that they all fit together in a very professional setting.”

“Good quality people. Teachers and students both,” says Lidia Gutierrez in her third year at SMC and its Academy of Entertainment & Technology. “I really like the way that the classes at the Academy are structured, and the programs seem to be really in tune with what students need to learn. If you take, for instance, Jamie Cavanaugh. I studied Motion Graphics and Web Design with her. She is soooo organized in how she teaches, but also really gets us engaged in what we’re doing. She’s not just giving you some ‘make-work’ project. She gets us all involved in reading and research—just as if we were working with an actual client. And that’s an aspect that all instructors at the Academy seem to emphasize.” 

Lidia states, “Graphic design is such an incredible field to get into, because we can apply what we learn to web advertising, print media, and even animation and film. You are able to move around a lot in this field, and find the way that you feel most creative—and comfortable—in.” 

Lidia adds that “one of the things that I like best about SMC is just that the College has chosen to make it comfortable—and appealing—to students when we get here.” Ever the visualizer, she says, “I feel that whenever we walk onto one of the campuses, that a lot of work has been done to make us feel like we’re appreciated as people—not just students who somebody wants to exploit. I mean,” she adds, “I work full time, and I do have a lot of stress with my situation in life. But whenever I get to SMC, I feel like I can just breathe a little easier. Because it’s very pretty and clean. And both my family and I know that this is the college that will get me to go wherever I need to go.” 

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