Louis Scharf “My grandmother had 25 kids, so I helped raise a lot of little cousins. All that practice is going to help.”

The needs of children were much in the thoughts of Louis Scharf: The arrival of his first child was less than a month away. But he had no desire to surpass his grandmother’s record. “Let’s just say she probably didn’t have much time for hobbies,” said Louis, laughing. “With all the things I’ve got going on now, I can barely manage. And this is my first child! I’m excited, afraid, overwhelmed. But it’s going to be amazing to finally understand all that my parents went through,” he adds. “I’m going to be in charge of another life. And it’s incredibly important for children to feel that they’ve got security. That’s the foundation you have to give them to make them strong and unafraid of life.” And Louis reports that his own foundation is taking shape nicely at SMC.

“It’s a good, positive environment here, where everybody emphasizes that knowledge is power,” he says. “I’m planning on going into computer animation, and now that Dreamworks SKG is starting up, I expect there will be a lot of jobs available. I’m hoping to get into the Academy of Entertainment and Technology at SMC, and I can’t wait to get my application in. I think SMC is right on top of where entertainment is going.” And to keep himself going, Louis has his part-time job at SMC’s coffee shop to help pay for his classes—and a good supply of diapers.

“I’m working very hard, and it’s very stressful, but you’ve got to be determined if you want to make it,” says Louis, who’s grateful for a handy supply of cappuccino. “I get tired at work, but I also get energized by interacting with all of these great people at SMC. We’re all trying to do the same thing: to get somewhere in life,” he adds. “And when that baby comes, I’ll have to manage my time even better. But I’m not really afraid of that. I’m doing the right thing at SMC.”

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