Ludivine Fortouna “Teachers here help you so much more. In France, they pretend not to know what you’re going through, even though they’ve been through it themselves.”

“Junk food!” exclaims Ludivine Fortouna when asked what’s the toughest part of adapting to American culture. When you come from Avignon, in the southeastern part of France, good, large, and very long meals are a big part of life. But apart from fast food, Ludivine has found her SMC experience “tres jolie.”

“I am only brand new here but I like this college a lot,” she says. “I’ve been to the university in France where you can only choose your program. Here, you can choose all the classes you want to take and you meet so many different kinds of people. I miss my family in Avignon, but not the way of life,” she continues. “I’ve been planning on coming here for five years, and so now, when I wake up in the morning, I’m very happy and excited to go to school.”

Ludivine plans to turn her ability with language into a career with an international company. To this end, she’s studying languages, computers, and human development. “I’m studying English and Spanish and I hope I will become involved in helping people from many countries,” she says in perfect English that she says has been greatly enhanced by her time at SMC. “My English 1 teacher, Professor Starling, is the kind of strict person that, at first, you don’t know if you like them or not,” says Ludivine. “But then you begin to see that they are really teaching you in the very best way. And I would say she is a teacher who I will remember all my life.”

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