Associated Students/ ICC Vice-Chair

Luis Gomez

“I drive up to North Hollywood, and then I take a combination of subway and trains and three buses to get here. But it’s worth it.”

Whenever Luis Gomez makes that loooong commute from the Valley to SMC, he sometimes feels like he’s entering another world. “The weather over here is amazing! Always fresh, sunny, bright, and cool. And it’s always a relief to arrive at the College. I’m so glad that I heard about it through KCRW, because it told me that I could have a legitimate college experience here. A place where I’d be exposed to things I wasn’t familiar with, and where I’d have to adapt.”

And ‘adapting’ is something Luis has done extremely well at SMC. “I moved up in the leadership ranks of our Honor Society—Alpha Gamma Sigma—until I became president. And now I’m the Inter-Club Council (ICC) Vice-Chair, where I essentially coordinate all the student clubs, and put on campus events every semester,” says Luis. “In a more generic and broad sense, I promote our clubs and expose students to their benefits. So I’m sort of a ‘cheerleader’ but also a lawyer, a financier, and a lot of unofficial titles, as well. Leadership—to me—is just a kind of experience that you can’t find in a classroom. And I feel like it has really built up my character, because I’m very accountable to a lot of people, and I enjoy that responsibility.” And if all goes according to plan, ‘leadership’ and ‘responsibility’ will become cornerstones in Luis’ life.

“If I end up going to UC Berkeley, I plan on joining up with ROTC. But I’m also applying to West Point, and if I’m accepted there, it would be a dream. I want to be an officer; you know? Duty. Honor. Country. And I feel like I’m preparing myself for that role by performing my duties as well as I can at SMC.”

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