International Business

Luis Llanos “I’ve spoken with friends in the universities, and they said SMC prepared them so well that they just never had any problems.”

He strikes you as having the spirit of an American pioneer: adventurous, fearless, optimistic in the extreme. But Luis Llanos hails from Peru. “I just wanted to go somewhere else, explore things, and have new adventures. I just couldn’t imagine myself being in my old town and always meeting the same people. I was looking for a radical change.” And Luis—ever one to challenge himself—has found that change at SMC.

“Before I came here two-and-a-half years ago, I held all these stereotypes about Americans. But stereotypes are just bias, and it’s good to get rid of them as quickly as possible.” One of the things Luis has done to broaden his insights about Americans and other cultures is to go to work in SMC’s Welcome Center. “It’s a good experience because I get to meet these people from all walks of life and explain to them what their options are,” says Luis, in perfect English. He also says, categorically, that SMC is “just outstanding! And the teachers are amazing. I had this one guy, James Pacchioli, for English 1, and he was incredible. We touched on so many subjects, it was more like studying philosophy. And he led us to study literature in a very dynamic and interactive way.” But it’s a future in International Business that Luis looks forward to with gusto.

“I want to transfer to a private university—maybe back East—and then get into Business as a citizen of the world. It’s been an incredible learning experience for me to be at SMC and open myself to a new world and a new culture. And next, who knows? Maybe I’ll be selling luxury homes on the Riviera!”

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