Science/ Nursing

Madhavi Menon

“In addition to the great people I’m in class with, I’ve had phenomenal instructors who are really dedicated to teaching.”

“We all have many different lives…,” says Madhavi Menon, who is well qualified to make that statement. “I already have a BA in Art History. But I’m choosing now to go into Nursing, because it’s an opportunity to do good work for others. Plus, I’m a single mom, and I think medicine will be a flexible field where I can work, but still have time to see my kids. And there’s a lot opportunity to travel and see more of the world.”

A first-generation American, Madhavi’s innate curiosity about the world doubtlessly springs from her upbringing. “My dad is Indian and my mom is a Ukrainian who left there after WWII. It’s a crazy, but interesting combination,” she says with a laugh. “But I’ve always enjoyed being just a little different.” And Madhavi certainly stands out in her SMC classes. “Everyone seems very young to me. But the science-based classes I’m in tend to attract very disciplined students. I mean, you don’t just take anatomy and physiology for fun! But even in science,” she adds, “there are a lot fun lessons in life that get planted, and these lessons definitely prepare us for the various careers that we’ll be moving into. But even though I have many more years of experience, I find the younger people here very focused and admirable.”

Madhavi states, “I have Mary Louise Stephanou for Anatomy, and she’s amazing. She’s been teaching for 30 years, and is still in touch with students from that early age. She makes being connected with people a very important part of her teaching. And I think her ‘life lessons’ allow and encourage you to evolve and make great changes in wherever the course of your life leads you.”

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