Maisha-Cole Perri “If you don’t get involved in learning and don’t ask questions, college will just fly by you. Get to know those people sitting right next to you!”

In the not-too-distant future, Maisha-Cole Perri plans on being “a major executive in a film studio because—after I get my BA—I’ll have had ten years in filmmaking projects.” But even now, Maisha-Cole runs her own ‘company’ of sorts: a bus company. “I live in Silverlake, and I’m kind of the ringleader of our little group over there. And I convinced everyone to come to SMC,” she explains, “but I’m the only one who knows how to drive! So it’s my responsibility to get us all to class.” But that’s just Maisha-Cole: a ‘take-charge’ lady.

“I’ve known that I wanted to be in the Industry since I was seven, and I’d learned how to digitally edit by the time I was thirteen,” she states. “And then there was all this hoopla about volunteerism in Philadelphia a few years back, and I went out there and interviewed Colin Powell, Al Gore, and Oprah Winfrey. Even got on camera a little bit.” But Maisha-Cole points out that not everything in life has come to her easily.

“I had a problem with an English class and failed, so I went to the African American Collegian Center and asked for some assistance,” recalls Maisha-Cole. “They referred me to Professor Doucet, and he’s the best teacher I’ve ever had in my life. He balances literary thinking with academic discipline, and that class has turned my life around. Even though I didn’t get an A from him,” she continues, “I like being in a classroom where a great teacher is making a level playing field for everybody.”

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