Makayla Grossman

“I’ve been going to SMC since 2006, but only steadily for the past two years. And I’m so very happy to feel like I’m getting it all back on track!”

“SMC just seems to have great everything. From the library to the teachers to the counselors,” said a distinctly rejuvenated Makayla Grossman. “And one of the greatest things that you can do for yourself here is to take the Counseling 20 class, which I took online. It taught me how to figure out more new ways to study and use this college than I would ever have thought of in a million years. In fact, I used to work very hard just to get my B’s. But now I’m easily getting all A’s, and I’m a 4.0 student. And I really think that most of this success comes from that one class.”

Makayla reports, “When I moved down here and started at SMC, work kinda got in the way. And then life got in the way. I got married and had kids, and just settled into being a stay-at-home mom. Then I finally decided that what I wanted to do was to teach. But a lot of people—including SMC counselors—talked me out of that because of the new economic realities. And my counselors—by asking a lot of questions and directing me—showed me that Psychology was a real strength of mine. And in that field, I’d be able to utilize skills and knowledge that I’m really quite passionate about; teaching, medicine, and the mind. Specifically,” Makayla continued, “I’d like to become a speech pathologist. There’s a high demand for speech therapists to work in early childhood centers, or to help people, later in life, who might be suffering from a stroke or other conditions associated with aging.”

Makayla adds, “Tamar Andrews, my professor for Early Childhood Development, was a simply amazing teacher. She made it all so simple, but also absolutely compelling. I think I learned more from her than in any other class. It was painless, too!” she said with a laugh. “I think most of us didn’t even realize that we were learning, but we were. Deeply.”

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