Latino Student Union/Business

Manuel Ramos “In my student club, we get a lot of valuable information, scholarships, and guest speakers who give us motivation and advice about how to succeed.”

He’s got a million-dollar smile that would light up a bat cave, and the attitude that goes right along with it. “I can’t emphasize to Latino students how important it is to get to the Latino Center here and find out what all their options are,” says Manuel Ramos, in his first year at SMC. “When you walk in there, you’re going to feel like you’ve got it all going for you at SMC. Financial aid, great clubs, counselors who speak your language, and all sorts of other great stuff.”

Manuel, born in Oaxaca, has adapted completely to America, and reports that SMC has been absolutely supportive in helping him make the transition to a new country. “I really love being here. And I’ll hopefully be spending the next two or three years at SMC, and then transferring to UCLA or a Cal State campus. What I plan on is getting my Bachelor’s in Business, and then going back to Oaxaca, and opening up a hotel there, or maybe a really good restaurant. And I feel very positive about my future, because I’m in the Business Leadership Program, and I just won second place in the stock market game that they offered us. So I think my investment skills are going to help me live a good life in the future.”

Manuel admits, “I didn’t think that I’d ever be going to college, not until my junior year in high school. But, then I just thought, ‘Hey! Why not me? Maybe I can really make a better life and a decent living.’ So I came to SMC. And the teachers and counselors here have all made me feel like my expectations for my life are really going to happen.”

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