​​SMC Staff

Marcia Brown “The most fulfilling thing is to see someone with no hope get hope. That little light flickers on and people suddenly make it.”

“I’ve always loved SMC since I graduated here in 1985,” says Marcia Brown who works at the Scholarship Office. “I fell in love with the place even though it was difficult for me. The schools in Oklahoma weren’t easy, but SMC is a tough school. You have to mind your p’s and q’s. But when I graduated, I felt really accomplished.”

Knowing the stresses that operate on students these days has given Marcia a real sense of mission. “When I studied here, I had no idea about scholarship and financial aid,” she says. “I wouldn’t have had to work full time to put myself through college if I’d known what was available. So I guess I’m on a crusade. I want everyone to know what’s available and not have to stress out as much as I did.”

Marcia is currently reaching out to help some members of her large family who are experiencing even rougher times than she did. “I’m helping three of my nephews who were street people, living in a car, to make it through school and succeed. I think caring for them is a very personal accomplishment.” She says that education is the most important tool a person can take with them through life. “Teachers are more important than basketball stars,” she says. “When that star gets too old to play, he’s nothing unless he’s got an education to fall back on.”

One of the benefits Marcia enjoys about being in the SMC family is the trips she takes with the Geo Club. “They’ve really gotten me into hiking and camping,” she says. “We go up to Morro Bay every year with Ed Tarvyd and Bill Selby. And out to Joshua Tree. I just love taking in all the beauty in the National Parks.”

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