Black Collegians/Agricultural Management

Marcus Fain

“I’m an avid fisherman, so I want to manage hatcheries. I want our fish to be as pure and natural and healthy as they can be.”

You would have to call Marcus Fain a man of the sea. “I love it that SMC is just up the street from the Pacific Ocean. And whenever I’ve got some free time, that’s where you’ll find me. Not a lot of colleges can offer that kind of option.” But the call of the sea, to Marcus, is much more than just sun and surf. “I love fish and fishing, and I worry that the fish populations are constantly decreasing. And the food industry is feeding our fish a lot of growth hormones and chemicals. And when I get into hatchery management, I’ll be able to ensure that our fish are getting the proper nutrition. Which means that we’ll be getting it, too.”

Marcus also uses his ‘fishing’ skills in another way through SMC’s Black Collegians program. “I do my best to keep people involved in our program, and not just minorities. We have all the resources to offer, like free tutoring and scholarships. And we’re very fortunate to be able to offer these things, with the costs of education being as high as they are. We get students very involved in our club, so that they can make a lot of friends, meet other students who can help them, and feel like the College is a bigger and better part of their lives. And the workshops we offer can really enhance your experience here.”

Marcus recalls one particular teacher who engaged him on every level, and changed the way he views himself. “I had Hiram Sims for English 21A, and I loved the way he taught. He wasn’t here just to get a paycheck. He’d play hip-hop music or show us documentaries, and then have us write our essays about what we’d learned. Recent articles, up-to-date events… They all made their appearance in his classroom. He was, I’d have to say, a ‘Master Teacher’ for me and everyone else lucky enough to study with him.”

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