SMC Student 1992-94,

Matt Galsor “We came here fresh off the boat and had no idea what to do. But there was this guy who helped us. And part of that was showing me to SMC.”

“SMC was great for me, but it was also very tough because I just got here from Odessa, Ukraine, in the former Soviet Union,” recalls Matt Galsor. “I took a few months off to begin to learn English in ESL classes, and then just took whatever I needed to transfer to UCLA and go to Columbia Law School. If it hadn’t been for SMC,” he recalls, “I guess none of that would have happened. It just made my transition to America a good one.”

The arrival of the Galsor family in America was truly a dream for them. “We’re Jewish and we’d tried for many years to leave,” explains Matt, recalling the unpleasant treatment they’d received in the ‘workers’ paradise.’ “Our friend who helped us took me to SMC, filled out all the forms, and even helped me apply for loans, because we had no money,” says Matt. “If it hadn’t been for the College, I’d never have had the opportunities that led to everything else. What SMC does is to allow you to get into the system. And there—for anybody who wants to work hard and be successful—the sky’s the limit.”

Now working at the prestigious law firm of Greenberg Glusker, Matt spends his days representing some of the more high-profile talent in entertainment. “And because of all my work, I’ve been a little out of touch with SMC. But a friend of mine who’s on the Advisory Board told me I should get involved. So I had a lunch with Judy Neveau—of Community Relations at the College—and we’re trying to figure out how I can help,” says Matt. “In terms of of education, SMC is a great place to start. Then you figure out where you want to go, and you go there.”

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