Environmental Science/Music

Alia Toscano

“I’ve always loved science: planets and stars and plants and life itself. Now I just have to decide on which science I’ll get into.”

“I’ve seen unbelievable changes in myself since I came to SMC. I’m moving toward goals again!” says an excited Meeka Brown in her first semester. “With my music and being social and learning, I just felt like I was stuck and standing still. But now I’ve got that old ball rolling again. I’m feeling that confidence that I’ve needed, and this College is really, really cool!”

It’s definitely science—the life of bugs and the waves of energy that permeate us all—that Meeka is now plotting her course toward. “Sure, I’m curious about how the universe works! Who wouldn’t be?” she says with a spirited laugh “And I may head to UCLA and decide to get advanced degrees along the way. But I also love music, and this is one of the great things about SMC. You can have some definite sorts of goals that you want to achieve, but then you can also explore. I mean, I play rock ’n’ roll and sing. But I’ve been studying piano here at SMC, and my instructor is someone who not only teaches us how to use the instrument, but also gets us deep into the theory of music. Honestly? She’s brilliant and extremely caring about what we’re learning. And she’s—I don’t want to say ‘typical’ of the teachers that I’ve had at SMC—but I’ve enjoyed and respected them all, and they all seem to contribute to the positive vibe of the College.”

Meeka says, “I’m soooo very happy that I got to Santa Monica. It’s a city where I feel that I really belong. And SMC seems to be a perfect fit with the city. Very progressive, but laid-back at the same time. You gotta work when you get here,” she adds. “But where else are you gonna find such a beautiful place to do that work in?”

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