Psychology/AS Vice President

Melody Overstreet “I’ve never had any experiences like I’ve had at SMC. I feel so grounded. And I’ve had amazing professors helping me build the connections in my education.”

“I feel that being AS Vice President is a real ‘character stretch’ for me. It’s very challenging, but also rewarding at the same time,” says Melody Overstreet. “We’ve always got a bunch of programs that we’ve initiated and that we’re all working on. In terms of our current environmental concerns, we’re trying to institutionalize them so that the events we stage will be ‘zero waste.’ It’s a very real ethic we’re trying to instill here.”

Melody reports that she’s spreading the word about SMC’s various innovative enviro projects far and wide. “I’ve talked about SMC at conferences where I’ve spoken about our environmental edge, so I think I’ve represented the College well,” she says. It’s Melody’s plan to become a psychologist and continue with her passionate work to preserve the natural world and resources. “I’m extremely interested in how we all relate to nature and how, in these days, there seems to be a very real disconnect from it. For myself, I’m trying to reconnect through the use of art. And what I’d like to do is to come full circle in education and become a teacher, because I’ve fallen in love with education and the values it emphasizes in life.”

The values that Melody herself has had instilled in her at SMC have been manifold. “I feel I’ve received a very liberal education here that enables me to make connections across all the fields of study. And I thrive on those connections!” she says. “I find the incredibly interdisciplinary approach we have here just fascinating. And yes, I absolutely love Santa Monica College.”

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