Anthropology & Photography

Michael Courtney

“I’m just determined to find a way to combine studying foreign cultures with my love of art.”

He was in his fourth SMC semester, and seriously eyeing a transfer to the University of London. “They have a great Anthropology and Media degree that they offer,” says Michael Courtney, “and it would be great to combine the two passions of mine to do field studies and fine-art photography. But I’m certain I’m going down the right path. And in 10 years time, I’ll be running around in the jungle somewhere, making documentaries and fine-art photos.” But currently, Michael could report at least one great guide through the ‘jungle’ of academia at SMC.

“Bobby Simmons is a great Communication professor. He explains everything off the top of his head, and makes it all a very engaging sort of ‘conversation’ for the whole class. He has this ability to turn whatever he’s teaching us into something energizing and likeable.”

Michael states that “all the night classes I’ve taken here have been really great, even though it’s a little tiring after you work or study all day,” he says with a mock groan of fatigue. “And I also have found the SMC Library to be a great resource. It has a really fine selection of books, and it’s nice to just find yourself a little cubbyhole somewhere, and study in the midst of quiet.”

Michael moves on to say, “I chose to come to SMC because, of course, it’s the best transfer school there is. But more importantly,” he adds, “ is that the quality of the professors here is far better than any other community college. In fact, I think the instructors I’ve studied with here are pretty incomparable.”

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