Michael Stackhouse “Hey! Get on SMC’s website before you even think about coming to school. There’s tons of information there, and it’s so easy to get in and then coordinate your classes.”

He was going a little bit nuts while enduring one of life’s ‘rites of passage.’ “My girlfriend and I are closing escrow on a home and we’re supposed to get the keys today. But now there’s some more paperwork, and, and... it’s quite a process,” said Michael Stackhouse, wearily. Fortunately for Michael, the wheels of commerce may turn all day, but there are still nights when he can find sanctuary in study at SMC.

“I’m taking two night classes in Design—one on computer design—and I’ve enjoyed both of them. My teachers have had a lot of experience in the real world and come from diverse backgrounds outside of academics, so they have a very practical knowledge of what they’re teaching,” says Michael. “Revealing ‘tricks of the trade’ is one big advantage they bring to the classroom.” For Michael, the world of graphic arts is a virtual playground. “In this field, you get to do a little of everything. And the computer—essentially a new expressive tool—fascinates me. It’s a way to expand on drawing and other traditional arts to create imagery that’s never been possible before.” And in the visual confluence of digital technology and art, Michael sees ‘brave new worlds’ parading off into a bright future.

“My plan is to go to Art Center in Pasadena—where I’ve already done a project of my own—and then get involved in multimedia, which is a combination of all the Arts: video, music, animation, painting; you name it. Through computers, you can integrate all those forms of art and—by making them interactive—you can also participate with other people in the experience you’ve created.” Michael plans to teach while “based in some tropical country at some point. Anything, virtually, is possible online.”

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