Michelle Thibeault “I chose SMC because of its environment. It’s so much better than any place else I’ve been, and it’s definitely where I want to go.”

It’s a bit of a crosstown slog for Michelle Thibeault to get from her USC neighborhood to her first-semester classes at SMC. “Sometimes it’s only 15 minutes but—with traffic—it’s usually more like half an hour. But when I get to the campus, it’s definitely worth it,” says Michelle. “I’m only taking English and an acting class just now, but I’m going to major in Performing Arts.” Michelle reports that, with the budget crisis and cuts to schools, “getting into classes as a freshman is really competitive. We’ll have to see what ‘Ahnold’ does about this,” she says with a laugh. “But right now I’m just happy to be working away on my GEs and learning. Even if my acting career takes off,” she continues, “I’m still going to finish my education, because learning is something that should just never end.”

It’s the Silver Screen that exerts its siren call over Michelle. “Yeah, it’s a real passion of mine to act in films, and I’ll never give up because I’m not a quitter.” And she adds that “at SMC it’s going to be important to me to get into the Dance department because I’ve danced hip-hop and jazz my whole life.” And her various skills have already netted her some very interesting part-time gigs.

“I do background work for various TV shows and movies, and on the show ‘The O.C.’ I’m a regular, so that pays my rent.” But until she’s officially ‘discovered,’ Michelle reports being pleased with SMC life. “The best thing I ever did was to transfer here and get away from my old friends. You know, the ‘party.’ Now it’s time for serious work.”

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