Mickey Blaine “I’m so proud of myself for coming back to SMC and excelling, because now I feel completely motivated to get the grades I need for a great transfer.”

He had one go-round with SMC, did Mickey Blaine, but that was a long seven years ago. “When I started back then, it was right after high school, and I was burned out with classrooms. But this time around, I’m taking advantage of all the facilities and programs. And I think that because I’m working hard, people have been very welcoming to me here,” says Mickey. “If you just talk to people here, it's amazing what can happen. I talked to my psych teacher last semester about my interests, and she immediately recommended me for tutoring. So just today I got a call from the tutoring department to come on down. People doing these kinds of things really let you know that SMC is a school that deeply cares.”

During his seven-year hiatus, Mickey was a successful actor in independent films and TV commercials. “It can be really good money for a while, but then there's always a dry spell. So I’ve decided to study cinema and go to work behind the camera,” he says. “And I’ve gotten really excited about the Theater Department here, mostly in terms of backstage work. One of the classes is stagecraft; sound, lighting, and the actual construction of sets. It's become a real passion of mine, and Doug Forsyth is an excellent teacher.”

Mickey plans on a transfer to LMU, where he says “the film school is really on the rise. But I've been so pleased with my results at SMC, and I'm taking full advantage this time. I’ve gotten all A’s,” he says, adding, “Well, one B—but that was in Poli Sci.—so I forgave myself.”

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