Cognitive Science/Black Collegians

Mide Ogundipe “SMC has most definitely been a great school for me. There’s so much opportunity here, and everything is right at your fingertips. Take the initiative and use it.”

For Mide Ogundipe, SMC has been a whirlwind of promises honored and goals convincingly met. In his second year at SMC, he reported some resounding successes. “I came down here from the Bay Area because I’ve always wanted to go to UCLA, and SMC gets me that much closer to my dream. And I got a medical internship at UCLA/Santa Monica Hospital—through this college!—where I’m right at the operating table. I’ve gotten to witness and help out with a lot of procedures, like C-sections. And they fascinate me. I mean,” he adds, “very few people get to witness these sorts of experiences until they’re well into their medical studies.”

Mide is an intriguing guy with some amazing history and skill sets. “My parents are from Haiti and Nigeria, which is where I spent a year. And I’m also an amateur boxer who runs track for SMC. A coach saw me running in a PE class and just sort of recruited me. But one of my most valuable experiences here has to be joining the Black Collegians,” he says. “It was a tough interview process, because there are so many applicants. And I was told—last year—that there are so many scholarships that never get used. And that’s sad, because people just don’t take advantage of all the opportunities here.”

But Mide’s road to “becoming a GP with a specialty in sports medicine” has not been without its share of bumps. “My mom was diagnosed with cancer and kept it secret for quite some time. But one day, I discovered a letter from oncology at the local hospital. And it made me feel that—time being of the essence—I needed to up my game in college, so that Mom could be proud of me and witness the progress that I’ve made.” Mide? Leave the boxing behind. You’re gonna need a clear brain for what lies ahead....

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