College Friend

Millie Rosenstein “Volunteering is a full time job.”

For Millie Rosenstein, life is an invitation to get involved. As a volunteer at the SMC Women’s Center she helps students find the programs and counseling they need. “It’s so exciting to be working with all these young women, And I think it encourages them to see someone my age offering them help.”

“I came from a generation of activists,” continues Millie. “In the 1930’s, everyone seemed to be involved.” And in Millie the spirit of those days continues, As the current president of the Santa Monica Democratic Club, she still finds time to work with RSVP (Retired Seniors Volunteer Program) through SMC’s Emeritus College. “The Emeritus programs are so valuable to people like me,” she says. “They give us all another chance to keep on learning.”

Encouraging others and working on political solutions to the world’s problems keeps the spirit of Millie Rosenstein strong and optimistic. “I have such faith in the people of the future,” she says. “After all, every generation is going to have its struggles.”

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