Morgan Genser “A university turned me down my senior year, and I was so discouraged. I didn’t think college was right for me. Then I discovered SMC, and everything worked out.”

Those haunting faces from the Third World. Explosions, tragedies, triumphs, and global events. These are what photojournalists ‘hunt’ to tell their stories to the world. And you can see it in the eyes of Morgan Genser: The guy is a born shooter. But it took Morgan a while to realize that about himself. “I’d always kinda been into photography; nothing heavy, but I enjoyed it. And then I came to SMC,” says Morgan. “I did Photo 1 and Photo 2, and one of my teachers told me that I really should be shooting for the school newspaper. So I took Photo 13—the prereq to work at the Corsair—and I’ve been on the staff ever since.”

But Morgan had some major obstacles to hurdle before arriving at the professionalism and confidence that he fairly brims with. “I have some health issues to deal with. There’s been a lot of times, even at SMC, when when problems would arise, I’d get so discouraged, I’d want to give up. But—knock on wood!—I didn’t.”

Morgan reports that studying online at SMC has been very advantageous to him. “I did Journalism 20 with Sarah Brewer and produced an online magazine. Computers are now just as important to photographers as cameras,” says Morgan. But still it’s his relationship with teachers—and an organization like the Corsair—that have provided Morgan with his greatest lessons in life.

“It was Ms. Gregory who kind of pushed me toward the Corsair. And before he passed away, Bryan McClellan always made me see the positive things in every experience and how not to get down on myself. He was amazing. But it’s really the Corsair itself that’s been my greatest teacher,” says Morgan. “It’s taught me how to write and how to shoot, and to always behave professionally.”

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